Aurore Gwladys

By Aurore-Gladys Turpin (MDC 07)

Limited edition capsule collection for chic and romantic women!

Aurore Gwladys proposes each season a new capsule collection composed of 6 to 10 exclusive creations, sold only on the internet.

The Aurore Gwladys creations are created and made in France. In an exclusivity logic, they are produced to order in very limited quantities.

Free delivery on first order with the code AUDENCIA17

I always wanted to be a stylist. After several experiments in textile e-commerce, I had the opportunity to take the time to get started. After identifying my market and establishing my business plan, I was accompanied by BGE. They allowed me to validate my business plan, get a loan of honor and a bank loan. My company was born 1 year ago!

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