Domaine de Valmengaux

By David Vallet (GE 95)

Domaine de Valmengaux: a unique organic Bordeaux by a unique winemaker

Domaine de Valmengaux: a story of boldness (2000: founders / 2017: new owners), friendship (funders), convictions (organic) and pleasure (wine).

Healthy grapes (90% merlot), indigenous yeast, 18 month ageing in big barrels or in jars: red and black fruit, supple tannins and pleasure in a bottle!

Buy 5 bottles, get one free (6 bottles) !

« Do I really want to do what I do (controlling) until my retirement ? Or shoud I do something I could be really proud of ? » These metaphysical questions came when I was driving home after 3 weeks vacation ! My adventure could start then. Making wine was obvious… as an idea. It took time (some) and tenacity (a lot) to make it happen. I will need even more to make it a success !

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