Fils de pomme

FILS DE PØMME is the 1st 100% natural and organic french craft ciders

1st French cider and 2nd worldwide at the International Cider Competition 2017. FILS DE PØMME revisits the French Cider by instilling a modern, impertinent vision.

French craft organic: Apple Cider “Le Sauvage” and Pear Cider “L’Épatant”.

30€ instead of 35€ for Le Sauvage (12 bottles case), 35€ instead of 40€ for l’Épatant (12 bottles case)

We are two son of the Apple! Fils de Pømme gathered two friends, who dreamed on the school’s benches to create a new vision of the cider. An outdated drink found in the crêperies? Surely not with FILS DE PØMME. Our vision was built on our personal history and our unfailing friendship.

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