By Laure Bouguen (GE 15)

We do cannabis sativa care. Natural skincare products made in France.

HO KARAN is a young French company from Nantes with 6 people. We have a base in Paris at Station F., founded in 2015 by Laure Bouguen then student at Audencia.

We’re launching the brand with 7 products of hygiene and skincare available for Christmas (from 8,90€ to 24€). All made with cannabis sativa (hemp) oil.

You are welcome to go on our website and enjoy more than 30% off.

It all began in 2014, within the entrepreneurship major in Audencia. In January 2015 I integrated the incubator with the entrepreneur-student status. R&D, tests, production, it took me one year to get the first products on market. This range needed a lot of improvement that’s why we’re launching a new one!

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