L’Espace Sensoriel Dans Le Noir ?

By Elise Roger (Audencia Sciences Com 13)

Concept Store for individuals and professionals

L’Espace Sensoriel Dans Le Noir ? offers a range of innovative event services, especially in the pitch darkness, indoor or outdoor (Radisson Blu Hotel Nantes).

Tastings of products surprises in the absolute darkness, cocktail diner in the pitch dark, dining in the dark, Silence Coffee, disability awareness events, teambuildings.

– 10% discount on gift vouchers for “Découverte” or “Plaisir” tasting (for 2 people) – 40 minutes in the pitch darkness / 5 surprises products to discover / 1 visually impaired person to guide you. Offer available in our office , at l’Espace Sensoriel

I worked for 3 years in the Ethik Investment Group’s (EI) Event division, which developped restaurants, Spas and Dans Le Noir ?. EI is an SME with 50% of its staff with disabilities. The economic model and the heart of the project is based on social innovation. Convinced by this approach, I wanted to return to my native region and city to develop the project here.

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