Nordic Birth Basket

By Laëtitia Malinen (GE 99)

The parenting Treasure Trove directly from the Santa-Clause’s country!

The Nordic Birth Basket relies on the century-old experience of the Finnish State in gathering in one maternity package the necessary items newborns need.

We offer various baby boxes and kits to fit in all climates and budgets. However, each box endures due to its evolutionary concept and the quality of its items.

For Christmas and Finland’s 100th anniversary of Independence (6.12.2017), we offer a discount of €20 from 7.11.2017 till 5.1.2018. Promotional code: finland100

The maternity package I received from the Finnish State during my pregnancy helped us to start our parenting life, even more challenging abroad. This concept did not exist in other countries and the idea came to me to offer the same opportunity to families who are not living in Finland and finally run my own business. Nordic Birth Basket was born!

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