By Johny Smith (GE 17)

The first connected handlebar, Wink Bar by Velco

Velco has a clear vision : bring solutions for a smarter and more personalized mobility. It’s first market is the cycle industry, the solution is the connected handlebar.

Wink Bar is the first connected handlebar, which integrates an intuitive navigation system, a GPS tracking in case of theft and smart headlightsautomatique.

194€ instead of 279€

Velco began in 2015, when Pierre Regnier presented his concept of a bike tracker in the Entrepreneurship master at Audencia. That’s when the three co-founders, Pierre Regnier (GE 16), Romain Savouré (GE 16) and Jonnhy Smith (GE 17), came together. By meeting with people from the cycling community, Velco learnt more about the problems associated with cycling and proposed to come up with a first solution.

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